Apply for Employment or Permits

Employment Opportunities

To apply for a position with the City of Trotwood, click here to be redirected to the Human Resources page where you can learn about job openings.

Parks & Recreation

  • Annual Citywide Garage Sale Permit
  • Garage Sale Permit
  • Park Shelter Reservation
  • Pavilion @ Madison Park Reservation

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Police Department

  • Alarm Company Operation Permit (allows an Alarm Company to operate in Trotwood)
  • Alarm Permit (for residents/businesses with alarm systems)
  • Ice Cream Vendor License Application
  • Parade/Blockade a Street
  • Peddlers & Solicitors License Application
  • Salvage/Junk Yard Application for License

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Public Works Department (Streets, Water, Sewer, Stormwater, Engineering)

  • Driveway, Sidewalk, Curb/Gutter Repair/Replacement/New
  • Water &/or Sewer Tap-Ins
  • Request a Street Address (new construction)

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Stormwater Permits:  All residential and public properties with impervious areas will receive a stormwater bill as mandated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.  The City of Trotwood has established a policy/procedure for providing a credit or reduction against the storm drainage service charge for stormwater detention provided on non-residential properties in an effort to provide equity and consistency in the application of service charges to individual properties.  Contact the Public Works Department for more information at 937/837-1702 or via email to Eric G. Baxter, Operations Manager at test

You may also open the following permits: