Police Department

Capt. Erik Wilson, Police Chief

Erik Wilson

Capt. John Porter, Deputy Police Chief

John Porter
The city's Police Department is nationally accredited and provides the community with the best law enforcement and public safety services available anywhere. The Police Department is responsible for directing and supervising Trotwood's patrol, anti-crime, criminal investigation, K-9 unit, traffic/speed control and drug/operating a vehicle impaired (OVI) enforcement functions.

Mission Statement

We, the men and women of the Trotwood Police Department, are committed to excellence in partnership with the community by upholding the Constitution of the United States, the laws of Ohio and the City of Trotwood.  We acknowledge our responsibility to be role models by promoting diversity, building trust, reducing crime and providing a safe environment, thus enhancing the quality of life.

We are dedicated to our core beliefs:
  • Integrity - We will be accountable to the highest moral and ethical standards by being trustworthy, honest and sincere to ourselves and the public we serve.
  • Professionalism - We provide innovative, competent and courteous services to our community through education and teamwork.
  • Fairness - We respectfully deliver quality service by being consistent, understanding and impartial to all.
  • Compassion - We are sensitive, yet firm, while preserving the dignity of each individual by being patient, caring and kind.
Department Staff
Trotwood's nationally accredited Police Department includes:
Quincy E. Pope, Sr., Public Safety Director / Deputy City Manager

Captain John Porter - Administrative
  • 1 Accreditation and Business Manager
  • 3 Records Clerks
Captain Erik Wilson - Operations and Patrol
  • 1 Canine - Dual Purpose (Drug and Patrol)
  • 1 Detective Sergeant
  • 3 Uniformed Citizen Volunteers/COPP
  • 5 Patrol Sergeants
  • 7 Detectives
  • 18 Patrol Officers
Special Officer Assignments Requiring Specialized Training and Certification
  • 1 Canine Handler
  • 1 Officer assigned to Regional HNT (Hostage Negotiation Team)
  • 4 Accident Specialists
  • 4 Bicycle Officers
  • 5 Firearms Instructors
  • 11 Evidence Technicians
  • 17 Field Training Officers including Detectives, Sergeants, and Command Staff
  • 1 Mobile Forensic Unit
  • 1 Mobile Speed Van
  • 1 Transport Van
  • 8 Unmarked Vehicles
  • 9 Patrol Bicycles
  • 19 Marked Cruisers
Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in joining the City of Trotwood Police Department, click here to be redirected to the Human Resources page where you can learn about our current job openings.