Council Member Charles "Ron" Vaughn, Ward 3

Ron Vaughn
Ronald Vaughn is currently serving his 4th term for the City of Trotwood as an elected Council Member for Ward 3. Mr. Vaughn is married to Maureen and is the proud parent of 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren. Mr. Vaughn has been a resident of Trotwood for more than 30 years.

Professional Experience

Mr. Vaughn was in the U.S. Navy for 4 years where he served on a Nuclear Polaris Missile Submarine as a Nuclear Auxilaryman and Navy Diver. Mr. Vaughn is also retired after 25 years of service as a Public Safety Lieutenant; where he oversaw Police, Fire, and Rescue activities as a Crew Commander. In 1982, Mr. Vaughn started Clipper Courier Logistics which currently has offices in 3 major Ohio cities.


He has served as a Board Member on several private and nonprofit organizations, and he participates as a member of several area Chambers of Commerce as well as service organizations.

Goals & Accomplishments

As a Council Member, Mr. Vaughn's primary goals have been to see property values increase, improve the quality of life for Trotwood residents, and reduce homeowner tax burdens. During the past several years as Ward 3 City Council Representative, he has been able to meet his 2001 campaign priorities on a variety of issues.

Prior to Councilman Vaughn's 2002 election, Trotwood had a deficit budget of $1.67 million dollars. He helped create a balanced budget in 2003, 2004, and 2005. During his tenure, there have been no new taxes, and he has helped improve the city's accountability to citizens for the use of their tax dollars.

Mr. Vaughn helped create Trotwood's Mission, Strategic Plan, and Vision, the Citizens Budget Review Committee, and the Comprehensive Financial Yearly Report. He helped reduce the cost of city services by approximately $900,000 2 years in a row by combining employee job duties and streamlining many city departments.

He helped create a T.I.F. District and helped leverage grant monies from county, state, and federal government sources. He also developed a partnership between businesses and city government to develop shopping, dining, and entertainment venues, educational facilities, and commercial / industrial development to relieve homeowner tax burdens and fund improved city services.