Neighborhood Watch Programs

Neighborhood Watch Groups meet regularly throughout the City of Trotwood on a regular basis. Citizens are welcome and encouraged to attend a meeting in their neighborhood or apartment complex and to take an active role in understanding what is happening in their community.

The following is a list of neighborhoods or apartment complexes where programs currently exist with regular or monthly meetings.  Police liaisons attend and provide crime statistics to the different groups so residents have a greater understanding of their community.

  • Shiloh Gardens
  • Wolf Road/Marlowe Plat
  • Salem Village
  • Brentwood Village
  • Salem Bend Condos
  • Wiingate at Belle Meadows Apartments
  • Willow Wood Apartments
  • Meadowlark Apartments
  • Olde Town
  • Hillside Plat
  • Shiloh Villas
  • Townview
  • Woodland Hills Apartments

Information on dates and times of meetings can be found on our front web page under Trotwood Events or by clicking here.

If your neighborhood is not listed and you would like to form a Neighborhood Watch Program in your area or just want more information, you can call Sgt. Joe McCrary at 937-854-7218 or email him at

Do You Want A Council Member or City Staff Representative to Attend Your Meeting?

If you are the organizer or chairperson of one of a Neighborhood Watch Program and would like a City Council Member or City Staff Member to attend one of your meetings, simply click on the link below to open a Request Form.  You may submit the form to the Administrative Assistant to the City Manager, City of Trotwood Government Center, 2nd Floor, 3035 Olive Road, Trotwood, OH  45426 or via emaill.
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