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10.12.09- City Checking Fire Hydrants

(Trotwood, Ohio, Monday, October 12, 2009) – In an effort to assure an adequate water supply for fighting fires and to help maintain the lowest possible Insurance Ratings, Trotwood Fire & Rescue will be checking all fire hydrants throughout the community for operation and flow. Trotwood Fire & Rescue will be conducting these fire hydrant checks from October 12-30, 2009, and during that time residents are strongly encouraged to check their tap water for clarity before doing any laundry.

All hydrants will be checked between Third Street on the southern border and Westbrook Road on the northern border, Gettysburg Avenue on the eastern side and Diamond Mill Road on the western border. 

Trotwood Fire & Rescue makes every attempt not to disturb the rust in the water lines. Unfortunately, Trotwood Fire & Rescue and the Montgomery County Water Department no longer offer rust removing detergents.  Any residents experiencing rust in their clothing after washing should perform the following steps:
1) Do not permit the clothing to dry
2) Purchase a detergent containing rust removing agents and follow the cleaning instructions

Many people have probably noticed fire crews standing by fire hydrants with water gushing out of them and wondered why they're ‘wasting’ so much water.  Actually there are very good reasons for this practice, and it is one of the most important maintenance practices that can be performed on a water distribution system.

When a firefighter opens a fire hydrant for the testing process, the following are checked and recorded:
  • Visible and audible leaks
  • Proper operation of valve
  • Flushing of corrosion and rust
  • Water pressure
  • Draining
If ignored, corrosion and rust can cause problems such as faulty valves, un-removable caps, leaks, and other problems.  For more information please Administrative Assistant Bettina Tripp at (937) 854-7270 or
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